What is Showga?

In the beautiful new Starline Social Club ballroom, Showga is a curated yoga practice set to live music to help you dive deeper into your flow. This event promotes healing through movement, creative expression, and empowering practices. Join friends and neighbors in this inclusive weekly event.



Showga is an event series connecting live musical performance and deep yoga practice to promote healing and creative expression. Showga incorporates yoga instruction, live music performances from a diverse range of artists, and a variety of additional empowering practices.


During the 60 minute event there will be live music performed while participants are guided through yoga postures and visualization exercises. Each Showga event will feature a different band or artist and there will be occasional guest instructors. 



Every Wednesday — 6:30-7:30pm

Starline Social Club
2232 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, Oakland CA

All classes are led by Katie Colver  and Shannan Slevin unless otherwise noted. Find out who's playing each week on the music calendar.


$15-30 sliding scale

Available packages:
5 classes for $60 ($12/class)
10 classes for $100 ($10/class)


We have a limited number of mats available to borrow, so bring a yoga mat if you have one!
Showga is not a normal show or a normal yoga class, but promises to be a rad fusion of the two.
All levels welcome.

Once in a blue moon, we unfortunately have to cancel class, due to large events at Starline Social Club. We apologize ahead of time! Please follow us on social media, or check the events schedule to avoid potential confusion.  

FALL 2016

Music Partners


October 5, november 2, december 7


DJ Ash Williams






Bells Atlas





Kind Words from Yogis

"Showga is my Wednesday night super-zen ritual. A distinctly Oakland experience in an airy, historic venue, it brings together two of my favorite things: killer live music and chill yoga flow. I always emerge feeling invigorated and inspired. I recommend it to everyone!"

Marissa Guererro


"Katie curates a weekly yoga practice paired with local musicians. As a music person, it’s more than experiencing new and up-and-comming acts, it’s about reaching new heights in my yoga practice through the rhythm and awareness that music brings to my body."

Andrew Miller

"Showga is a space where Oakland's creative community can gather weekly for other-worldly sessions of yoga, music, and the chillest of vibes. My company, Magic Carpet Yoga Mats, seeks to elevate the yoga experience into a consideration of aesthetics and space, and Showga embodies this completely."

Sophie Leininger

"When I'm breathing through poses, meditating on the music in the background is incredibly transcendent. I feel as if I'm floating on water. There are also plenty of instances when I don't even realize the music is there."

Tony Guiliano

"The music at Showga helps me become more deeply focused. In other yoga practices, I have to exert a lot of willpower to 'quiet my mind'. With Showga, my mind and body are equally engaged, so I don't have to work so hard to be present in the space.... I lose myself in that practice more than [in] any other yoga class."

Jenna Ornbaun

"In Showga I forget about the pain, get lost in the trance of music, and connect with my body."

Carlos Arredondo

Kind Words from Music Partners

"Having the opportunity to play music for people while they do yoga in such a beautiful place (Starline Social Club) was magical, different, and tapped me into a different part of my musical self. I can't wait to do it again!"

Sivan Lioncub of Everyone is Dirty


"What I play at Showga is completely improvised, because I'm in dialogue with the class and communicating with the bodies in the room. I like to use melodic rhythms to move people through a flow. I also appreciates the rare opportunity to play a long set and for a meditative audience."

Isobel Marcus of Pine

"Aside from the yoga community, Katie is really embedded in the Bay Area music community. She has successfully merged these two lifestyle activities, and helped the music community integrate a healthy practice within our daily lives."

Elia Vargas, sound and visual artist of systemritual


As an artist, I feel that Showga provides a safe space to experiment with new concepts, ideas, and compositions. It allows for the opportunity to tune-in with the participants, your craft, and the moment. The artist becomes just as much a part of the practice as the other participants. 

Jamile Jackson


In the press

“[Starline is] … this distinctive, yet affordable piece of history was the ideal space for Adam Hatch and partners to open a multi-use club that hosts various cultural events, even “showga,” or yoga practiced to live music. ‘We’re bringing back something old,’ he said, about the idea of a social club. “We’re just celebrating the things we like. And now we have a place to do it in.”

New York Times

“On the surface, taking a yoga class and watching a band might seem incompatible: While some yoga classes play music, generally speaking, they encourage one to focus internally, not externally. Wouldn't listening to live music be distracting? The answer, for fans of Showga, is absolutely not.” 


“Since its start in the summer of 2011, Showga has matured into a well-respected event among both yoga enthusiasts and beginners, while providing a platform for area musicians to collaborate and gain exposure.”



“Katie Colver, a multi-instrumentalist in the band Cave Clove and a certified yoga instructor, started Showga in an effort to combine the two disciplines she loves. Over time, the event has evolved into a unique platform for local musicians to share their work and a popular outlet for yogis to deepen and challenge their practice.

East Bay Express