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Exploration of the senses! 

Showga Is Not a Normal Yoga Class Or a Normal Concert, But a Festive Fusion Of The Two.



A Dynamic Addition:

Showga provides festival attendees with a moment to center, check-in with themselves, and stop to appreciate the incredible music, art, and community they’re surrounded with. They’ll leave feeling more present and energized, and ready for more fun!  

60-Minute Sessions:

Participants are guided through yoga postures and visualization exercises while live music is performed. Showga books a range of genres, musicians, and bands. You can book the Showga musician for your festival, or we can.

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the  vibe

Showga was started by a rock musician in a underground venue in Oakland, CA.

Weekly sessions took place at a bar/venue for years, as Showga also started popping up at small festivals. Showga has a unique vibe from most classes found at a yoga studio.

Sessions encourage things like wonder, awe, love, presence, and intention-setting. Our delivery is self-aware and accessible to people from all walks of life.