In the press

“[Starline is] … this distinctive, yet affordable piece of history was the ideal space for Adam Hatch and partners to open a multi-use club that hosts various cultural events, even “showga,” or yoga practiced to live music. ‘We’re bringing back something old,’ he said, about the idea of a social club. “We’re just celebrating the things we like. And now we have a place to do it in.”

New York Times

“On the surface, taking a yoga class and watching a band might seem incompatible: While some yoga classes play music, generally speaking, they encourage one to focus internally, not externally. Wouldn't listening to live music be distracting? The answer, for fans of Showga, is absolutely not.” 


“Since its start in the summer of 2011, Showga has matured into a well-respected event among both yoga enthusiasts and beginners, while providing a platform for area musicians to collaborate and gain exposure.”



“Katie Colver, a multi-instrumentalist in the band Cave Clove and a certified yoga instructor, started Showga in an effort to combine the two disciplines she loves. Over time, the event has evolved into a unique platform for local musicians to share their work and a popular outlet for yogis to deepen and challenge their practice.

East Bay Express