Synergy of Healing Arts and Creative Arts

Showga is an event series focused on empowerment through the senses


Why Showga

Showga draws from the systems of yoga, western psychology, and performance arts. Sessions promote engagement, stress reduction, and creative flow.

The Senses

Showga incorporates yoga, live music, visualization, lights, and aromatherapy to create an immersive, transformative experience.

The Experience

Events feature a live music performance from a range of genres, musician, and bands while participants are guided through yoga postures and visualization exercises.

Showga Partners

Katie Colver

Katie Colver is a musician and shamanic practitioner based in Oakland, CA. She has also been a yoga instructor for over 13 years. She created SHOWGA in 2011, combining her passions for healing arts and creative arts. She has worked extensively with the Power Path School of Shamanism, and has completed their Intensive Shamanic Studies Program as well as their Advanced Shamanic Practitioner Training.

She fronts the band Cave Clove, and when she's not Showga-ing it up, she's on the road with them.

Shannan Slevin

Shannan Slevin is a consultant, instructor, content producer, and programmer. She has a BA in Communications and training in Pilates, Yoga, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, Integrative Health Coaching, Nutrition, and Mindful Leadership. She works with these methodologies to inspire well-being. 

With generational roots in San Francisco Shannan grew up in the Great Sierras, receiving a deep appreciation for nature, adventure, culture, family, fresh air, and dance floors. Her lifestyle is a reflection of these foundational principles.


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