Synergy of Healing Arts and Creative Arts

SHOWGA is an event series focused on empowerment through the senses, incorporating yoga, live music, lights, aromatherapy, and visualization.



SHOWGA draws from the systems of yoga, Shamanism, western psychology, and performance arts. Participants learn to work with each sense as a tool for wellness, stress reduction, increased performance, and creative flow.

Exploration of The Senses

SHOWGA incorporates yoga, live music, visualization, lights, and aromatherapy to create an immersive, transformative experience.

What to Expect

During each 60-minute event participants are guided through yoga postures and visualization exercises. Each SHOWGA experience is focused around a theme, which is explored via the 5 senses. SHOWGA always features a live music performance from a range of genres, musician, and bands. Performers weave the given theme into their sets. 

SHOWGA Partners

Katie Colver

Katie Colver is a musician and shamanic practitioner based in Oakland, CA. She has also been a yoga instructor for over 13 years. She created SHOWGA in 2011, combining her passions for healing arts and creative arts. She has worked extensively with the Power Path School of Shamanism, and has completed their Intensive Shamanic Studies Program as well as their Advanced Shamanic Practitioner Training.

She fronts the band Cave Clove, and when she's not Showga-ing it up, she's on the road with them.

Shannan Slevin

Shannan Slevin is an instructor and content producer specializing in integrative health and body movement. With trainings in the Pilates system, Yogaworks Method CYT, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, and nutritional coaching she uses her expertise to produce wellness content.

Raised in the Great Sierras, Shannan was exposed to yoga, art, movement, music, and the complexities of nature at a young age. From the corporate environment to the closest dance floor, she pulls from these foundational principles daily.