A music and movement collaboration

SHOWGA is a synergy of music, movement, and community carefully designed to provide a uniquely immersive, celebratory, sensory experience. 


What to Expect

During the 60-minute event there will be live music performed while participants are guided through yoga postures and visualization exercises.

All classes are led by Katie Colver  and
Shannan Slevin unless otherwise noted. 

Why Showga?

There's science behind why you feel invigorated after a yoga class. And why you feel happy and experience a surge of creative inspiration after you attend a live concert. SHOWGA combines these experiences and maximizes the proven health benefits of both.

The Senses

Sight, sound, touch, taste, and scent are all incorporated to create unique Showga experiences. Each event is specifically curated based on these components, to achieve a physiological response.